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You and JunYoung are in the park…Suddenly it rains heavily and there’s no sign show that the rain will stop…You are so wet and JunYoung worries that you’ll get sick…He decides to take you to his house near there.

He prepares a hot chocolate cup for you, meanwhile you enter his room and find…



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You begin unpacking the makeup you’ll need for today’s shoot, setting it out on the table in front of you. You also pull out the makeup brushes you’ll need and the sponges for perfecting the foundation.

Another makeup artist walks into the room carrying a large box similar to yours, “how’s…


You tie your hair back into a ponytail and grab the items from your desk that you need to deliver to your supervisor. You drop them off into his office on his desk and on your way out you catch a glimpse at the clock; it’s 10:45 pm. You sigh as you leave his office and bid him goodnight, this is…


Dongjun: This is the real question. Advanced. 

Heechul: I feel that this is going to be accurate.

台灣ZE:A’S vs 【ZE:A帝國之子】心有靈犀大測驗第四題

Question: Imagine yourself as a rabbit, one day you passed by a bridge, the scenery below the bridge is very beautiful, you will…

A) walk slowly over
B) jump happily over
C) rush over

*repeats the whole question with Dongjun performing the actions of the 3 options*

Junyoung: This question has only 3 options right?

Dongjun and Heechul: Yes, 3 options.

Heechul: This question is about your attitude towards life.

Hyungshik: Attitude towards life is important.

Heechul: Dongjun, what have you chosen?

Dongjun: *thinks*

Minwoo: Hold on, I’ve been noticing Junyoung. I realised all his answers had been accurate.

Heechul: Dongjun, what have you chosen?

Dongjun: For myself, like the norm, I will jump happily so B.

Junyoung: (to Dongjun…) You should be C.

Heechul: C is rushing over.

Heechul: I personally think no one will choose C. I shall announce now. Those who chose A, please raise your hand.

Junyoung and Siwan: *raises hand*

Siwan: I think I will choose wrongly.

Heechul: Why? You can’t run away from it. Since you have that mentality, means you understand.

Heechul: You are no confidence of your future, you move one step at a time.

Hyungshik: I can understand Minwoo who have such a life but our leader Junyoung…

Heechul: Junyoung, what are your feelings towards this?

Junyoung: I just want to walk slowly to admire the scenery. I feel like I need to do some soul-searching. 

Dongjun: From this, we have realised Siwan is a failure in life. Someone who has no plans in life, no courage, what is this?

Siwan: It’s true.

Heechul: Originally, one’s attitude towards life can be changed. If everyone has a positive thinking, one will have a great attitude towards life. This kind of answer means that we are still young. Next is B.

Kwanghee, Hyungshik, Kevin, Taehun, Minwoo: *raises hand*

Dongjun: Kevin hyung, please listen carefully, do not concentrate on drawing.

Heechul: Jumping happily, you are full of confidence of your future. In this life, you will not live in vain. 

Dongjun: These people have a problem.

Kwanghee: Why?

Dongjun: Because you have lived in vain.

Heechul: Until now, you still have not.

Kwanghee: What about C?

Heechul: Rushing over; you live your life for others and spent a busy life.

Kwanghee: A little sad, I chose B.

Heechul: Everyone has a great attitude towards life.

cr: zeatw @ youtube , translated by jaeded @ tumblr ; take out with full credits 


Dongjun: The next question, are you ready? Kevin, we are onto our next question. 

台灣ZE:A’S vs 【ZE:A帝國之子】心有靈犀大測驗第三題

Question: From the animals below, which one do you like to own?

Kwanghee: GIRAFFE!

Minwoo: PIG!

Dongjun to Kwanghee: Because this is a multiple choice question, please do not perform this kind of action. I’m the emcee.

A) Dog
B) Cat
C) Bird
D) Fish

Dongjun: Heechul, which animal do you want to own?

Heechul: I choose cat! I feel like owning 2 animals, cat and bird. When a cat is running on the ground and the bird is flying above, the atmosphere is not bad!

Junyoung: You’ve not experienced hardship. 

Heechul: Don’t mind me. I forgot my role. Have everyone chosen? I’m reading out the explanation.

Dongjun: Those who’ve chosen A) Dog…

Junyoung, Minwoo, Hyungshik and Kevin: *raises hand*

Heechul: We haven’t explain the purpose of this question.

Dongjun: (to Junyoung) Why have you chosen dog?

Junyoung: Because I currently own a dog. My parents own a dog.

Minwoo: Me too!

Heechul: This question represents your true self.

Minwoo: Can I change?

Heechul: You can’t change.

Junyoung: (hands on Minwoo’s shoulders XD) It is not up to you whether you can change.

Minwoo: (to Heechul and Dongjun…) So you’re saying my personality is the same as Junyoung/Kevin?

Heechul: It is not because you’ve chosen dog so your personality is like one.

Junyoung: (referring to Minwoo) He’s going to reveal his true personality.

Dongjun: A) Dog. Not bad. A pure and considerate person. Always support the others in silence. Forgiving.

*Junyoung and Minwoo held hands* 

Dongjun: *suddenly in a rage* This is nonsense! They are not! (referring to Junyoung and Minwoo)

Minwoo: When revealing the explanation, the stylists at the front kept waving their hands (t/n: meaning a ‘no’ response). 

Heechul: However honestly these 2 are really not accurate. 

Siwan: I would like to reinstate that a psychological test is not scientifically proven.

Junyoung: It’s just a test of your heart.

Dongjun: Because the state of your heart is dependent on your surroundings, where you are has a change so everyone please take note. 

Heechul: Please read out B.

Dongjun: B) Cat. Those who chose B, please raise your hands.

Junyoung: Heechul. Just only Heechul.

Heechul: I chose B.

Dongjun: If there’s only Heechul who chose ‘cat’…

Heechul: I chose B and C.

Junyoung: You can only choose one.

Heechul: I want to choose two.

Siwan: You can choose only one.

Heechul: I don’t want!

Siwan: This means you have a split mentality! 

Dongjun: If it’s ‘cat’, I shall reinstate once more, this is only a psychological test. Cat, hope to have everyone’s attention, will see the expression of people and perform aegyo and show one’s temper. 

Minwoo: Very accurate!

Dongjun: *hair stand*

Junyoung: Heechul’s self is a little greedy. He likes to look at people’s expression. After looking at the facial expression, he will start his aegyo. 

Heechul: At least I showed my sincerity.

Junyoung: I’m someone who understands personalities of other people. You have a personality that is greedy. 

Minwoo: Yes, let’s stop here.

Dongjun: I reinstate one more time. This is a personality of your true self.

Heechul: I have also chosen C. I chose bird. Those that have chosen C, please raise your hand.

Siwan: *raises hand*

Dongjun: This is again only Siwan’s personality. 

Heechul: I also chose C.

Siwan: Can you please concentrate?

Dongjun: Do you have any objections to the emcees?

Dongjun: C) Bird, someone who is graceful and has literacy / family upbringing well, a cautious personality and seeks to take risks in life but do not dare to try.

Minwoo: Very accurate. 

Heechul: Even though it’s like this, I chose cat as my answer.

Dongjun: I reinstate again. This is true self.

Heechul: I shall read D.

Dongjun: No, let’s interview first. Why do you not want to try? Don’t you feel like challenging?

Siwan: This is the pain of a idol star. I do not have courage. 

Dongjun: Let us help you.

Minwoo: One more time.

Hyungshik: Unbelievable!

Heechul: Why do you not want to try?

Siwan: Because I’m used to my current life. Although I feel like giving up everything and leave, after thinking, I can’t do it so it’s not easy to pluck up my courage. 

Heechul: Next we shall announce the explanation for D. Those who chose fish, please raise your hands.

Dongjun: Kwanghee and Taehun.

Heechul: Please read.

Dongjun: I reinstate one more time. This is true self.

Dongjun: Fish, you bottle things in your heart. Even though you are having a lot of stress, others find it hard to tell from your face.

Dongjun: This is nonsense! Unbelievable!

Minwoo: This is not accurate!

Dongjun: (to Kwanghee:) He must have seen the explanation.

Kwanghee: Everyone, you have to be quick to answer.

Dongjun: Kwanghee and Taehun aren’t those who have that kind of personality. Once they are stressed, they will tell us.

Dongjun: The emcee is going crazy.

cr: zeatw @ youtube , translated by jaeded @ tumblr ; take out with full credits 


Heechul: From now the actual test shall start. The next question, please flip to the next page. The next question shall begin…

台灣ZE:A’S vs 【ZE:A帝國之子】心有靈犀大測驗第二題

Question: It is said that God created a week that has seven days, if one could add another day, which day would you add?

A) Monday
B) Wednesday
C) Friday
D) Sunday 

Siwan: Oh there is no Saturday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday right?

Heechul: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, choose one will do. Dongjun, which day do you like the most?

Dongjun: For me, Friday.

Heechul: Friday? Why?

Dongjun: Friday night. 

Junyoung: Friday night is suitable for playing. 

Heechul: When was the last time you enjoyed Friday night?

Dongjun: *very innocent* Primary 6.

Heechul: Honestly, after we have debuted, we have really never enjoyed Friday night.

Dongjun: That’s right because Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday have music shows. 

Minwoo: Please hurry up.

Heechul: Oh please hurry up? I’m going to read… This question is your attitude towards work. Please help to read out A.

Dongjun: A is Monday. Those who have chose A please raise your hands.

Junyoung: *raises hand*

Dongjun: Oh only Junyoung.

Taehun: Me too!

Heechul: Kevin too.

Dongjun: You are a workaholic. Earning money is the goal of your life. Love to you is not essential.

Junyoung: The reason why I chose Monday is because Sunday is a weekend, Monday is a day whereby I don’t want to work.

Heechul: But on Monday when you go to work it means earning money.

Junyoung: In a week, the day which I want to add, I have chosen Monday but I think I chose wrongly.

Siwan: *shouts please announce the answer for B*

Heechul: After Junyoung has explained, let’s have Taehun to explain.

Taehun: I admit. I earn money seriously.

Heechul: To fans, this is a good answer because love is not essential.

Junyoung: I want to love. How can I not love? We must have love with our fans.

Hyungshik: We know!

Heechul: Next is Wednesday, raise your hands if you’ve chosen Wednesday.

Dongjun: No one chose Wednesday.

Minwoo: What’s the answer for Wednesday?

Heechul: The answer for Wednesday is, you’re lingering between love and work. When you’re in love, you don’t work. When you are out of love, you work extremely hard.

Junyoung: This is totally crazy.

Dongjun: You must apologize because I’m the emcee.

Heechul: What do you think about Wednesday?

Dongjun: Wednesday is for those no-brainers.

Heechul: Next is C, Friday! For those who chose Friday, please raise your hands!

Dongjun, Siwan, Hyungshik, Minwoo: *raises hand*

Dongjun: Quite a number of people chose C.

Junyoung: Those that chose Friday loves to play.

Heechul: Let me read this… you are someone who can balance work and love.

Minwoo: I chose the right one again!

Heechul: Do you prefer work or love?

Minwoo: Me? I like both.

Kwanghee: *imitates Minwoo’s I like both.*

Heechul: Kwanghee made the entire atmosphere awkward.

Kwanghee: I’m sorry.

Dongjun: If Sunday…

Heechul: Those that chose Sunday, please raise your hands!

Kwanghee and Kevin: *raises hand*

Kwanghee: Have to go to church on a Sunday. 

Dongjun: Those who have chose Sunday, you’re a love pursuer. You can give up everything because of love.

Junyoung: This kind of people in our group will become an obstacle.

cr: zeatw @ youtube , translated by jaeded @ tumblr ; take out with full credits 


Dongjun: ZE:A is gathered here for a psychological test.

Heechul: Everyone can get to know ZE:A’s heart. I am the emcee Heechul…

Dongjun: …Dongjun.

Heechul: Everyone must answer honestly.

Dongjun: Don’t be too hyper (t/n: to the rest of the boys). I cannot concentrate. Because I’m the emcee so I have to concentrate. 

Heechul: Let’s start with the first question:

Dongjun: The first psychological test, let’s have a warm up round. Number 1.

台灣ZE:A’S vs 【ZE:A帝國之子】心有靈犀大測驗第一題

Question: In the dream, you dreamt of yourself in a strange museum, inside there’s a lot of solemn statues, at this moment suddenly one of the statues emits a strong yet warm radiance, which part of the statue does it emits from? 

A) Behind the head 
B) Face
C) Hand
D) Body

Minwoo: Answer is B!

Kwanghee: Minwoo, B is face!

Heechul: C is hand!

Dongjun: I shall announce the answer.

Heechul: There is no right or wrong answer. From this test we can know more about your personality.

Dongjun: For this question, this is a question related to which body part you are most satisfied with. Did anyone chose A?

Hyungshik: *raises hand*

Kwanghee: How would anyone chooses the back of his head?

Dongjun: Didn’t expected Hyungshik to choose A.

Kwanghee: Why?

Dongjun: The back of your head. You are smart and full of pride.

Minwoo: This is not accurate!

Dongjun: This shows that Hyungshik saw the explanation.

Heechul: B, the most satisfied is your appearance and disposition. 

Kwanghee: B!

Junyoung: I wrote the eyes on the face.

Siwan: This is really not accurate. How could he.. (t/n: referring to Kwanghee)

Heechul: In here, it states where you think it is the most satisfied part. (t/n: emphasis is on ‘you think’)

Dongjun: C, hand. A caring heart. A selfless heart is your most attractive point. 

Kevin and Minwoo: *shows their answer*

Dongjun: I feel that those who chose hand as their choice is because they’ve watched Dragonball.

Heechul: D

Dongjun: Please read it.

Heechul: Those who have chose ‘body’, you have no confidence in yourself.

Minwoo: *stands up and points at Taehun* This is accurate!

Junyoung: *shows Siwan’s answer*

Taehun and Siwan: *shows their answer*

Heechul: This is only a warm-up round. Do not take it to heart.

cr: zeatw @ youtube , translated by jaeded @ tumblr ; take out with full credits 



You place your purse on the ground softly and slowly pull out your keys, holding out Minwoo’s apartment door key upright. You slowly slide the key into the lock and turn it as you pick up your purse from the ground.

You take a deep breath before you begin to turn the doorknob as slow as…